Welcome to the top hair salon in Philadelphia. Located in the epicenter of historic Old City, Tundella & Co. Hair salon is becoming the hottest hair and beauty destination in Philadelphia and earned a reputation of being one of the top hair salons in Philly area.  It offers excellent customer service, professionalism, personality and variety of hair services including haircuts for men and women, makeup, hair styling, hair coloring, keratin treatments, bridal hair styling and newest techniques of hair extensions.

Always adding to their creative repertoire, owners Gustavo and Margarita passionately believe in pushing their industry forward by using the most avant-garde styling techniques.While working at a top salon in South Beach, Gustavo had an opportunity to participate in numerous high-profile projects and style hair for celebrities and TV anchors.

Gustavo’s hair artistry has been featured in major magazine publications, television, advertisements and countless industry photos-shoots, national and international. He has styled hair for major runway shows such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Trina Turk, Guess, Maximilian of Bloomingdale’s, and many more.

Margarita and Gustavo travel incessantly, learning from other respected industry professionals, to keep their skills fresh and to bring the most cutting-edge approaches, trends and techniques in cutting, color, styling and hair extensions to their clients. Among the powerful educators that helped them to develop their sophisticated skill set are the following just to name a few: Vidal Sassoon, Tony and Guy, Paul Mitchell Systems and more.

Tundella & Co.’s owners, Margarita Gazaryan (Russian-born of Armenian descent) and Gustavo Tundela (from Brazil), seemed destined to end up in the beauty industry. Raised by grandparents who were both hairdressers, Margarita fell in love with the industry early on, whereas Gustavo honed his skills and ability to dry hair by spinning a chair really fast as a fashion model. Today, the duo and their team, including several international hair stylists, continues to hone avant-garde styling techniques.  This experience ensures customers, including local celebrities, that can rest easy while getting pampered with a variety of hair services.

Originally working at a top salon in South Beach, Gustavo’s experiences with high profile projects during Miami Fashion Week and as a platform artist for Hotheads hair extensions is where he was able to quickly develop a more technically sophisticated skill set as a young stylist. Together, Gustavo & Margarita are committed to offering the atmosphere, the vibrance and the energy of South Beach at Tundella & Co.

Meet The Owners

They say, “Blessed is the man who finds his work” and that’s exactly Gustavo Tundela’s story. Born in central Brazil (in Goiania), he actually first started his career in the beauty industry as a high fashion model, having placed as a semi-finalist in the 2002 “Mr. Brazil” competition and immediately finding work thereafter in South Beach, Miami. After his first year of modeling he decided to take on some part-time work at a salon, where, suddenly, he was immersed in a completely different side of the industry. Gustavo quickly began learning about the styling world, hands on, through hair trade shows, discovering a hidden talent hair to only for styling hair, but also for working directly with clients. As a departure from just being in front of the camera, this excited Gustavo to now be helping others achieve the look they were trying to bring out in themselves.

Realizing that modeling was probably behind him and wanting to waste no time, he started beauty school. All the while Gustavo continued to cultivate his skills, traveling to Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, New York, and Brazil to participate in more hair shows. Soon his experiences segued into commercial level projects like cover shoots for magazines (People, 944, Ocean Drive & Telenovelas), working on the sets of commercials, TV shows & films, and being involved in high end events like Miami Fashion Week.

This and much more became Gustavo’s growing reality as an establishing artist in South Beach, but things, as they do, changed again for him when he met a very special woman visiting from Philadelphia. When Gustavo & Margarita first met their relationship was long distance. Margarita found him clients in Philadelphia, so the two could see one another every month, but soon, Gustavo became overbooked during his short visits. Eventually, it became clear that he would need to leave South Beach behind him.

Typically, when a man uproots his entire life and moves himself twelve hundred miles away from all he knows it’s for one reason: a truly amazing woman. Margarita Gazaryan was raised in Armenia by her grandparents, both of whom actually happened to be hair dressers. They owned a shop and Margarita frequently spent time watching them cut & style hair. As she got older, her travels all throughout Europe as a young girl were marked by a growing fascination with beauty & fashion, particularly the vogue styles in Italy and France. Artistry, she attests, is just something that’s always been a part of who she is.

Nevertheless, Margarita is also a very driven individual, which is why her passions led way to practicality. She was accepted to an esteemed university in Russia, graduating with a degree in law, and in 1998 secured a position at a law firm in Philadelphia. From 9-5 she worked as a legal assistant. Weekends, however, were spent singing & performing at the northeast renowned Armenian night club, “Golden Gates”, where she was free to express her passion and creativity.

She met Gustavo while on vacation in Miami, and the two continued their relationship long distance. Shrewd, she gradually strung together clients in Philadelphia for Gustavo to style while visiting her every month. But eventually, the number of clients she garnered soon outweighed the time frame of his visits. Something had to shift. So Margarita, by that point already intertwined with aspects of Gustavo’s work, decided to reignite her creative side and started Paul Mitchell beauty school.

Together, Gustavo & Margarita bring their energy, their experience, and their expertise to Tundella & Co.